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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Get?

Will I get a Steam Key with my purchase?
Can I install the game on multiple computers / operating systems?
Will I get free updates?
What's the difference between the download version and Kongregate's?
I bought the game on Kongregate, can I get the download version too?
I bought the game on Kongregate, can I get a Steam Key?

Will Defender's Quest Be Released For...

Languages other than English?

I Have A Problem!

Technical problem running/installing the game!
Bought the game, problem with my order!
I bought the Kongregate version and lost my save!
I have some other problem with the game on Kongregate.


How can I get news about Defender's Quest?
Do you have a blog/wiki/forum?
I've got some ideas/feedback about the design/balance/etc.
How do I report a bug?

Will Defender's Quest Be Released For...


Maybe! We're trying things out on the PC for now. If things go well, definitely we'll consider porting to other platforms.

...Xbox One/PS4/Switch/PSVita/etc?

Coming soon to PS4, XBox One, and PSVita. Looking into the Switch but nothing to announce just yet.

...Languages other than English?

With the help of professionals and volunteers we now have full or partial translations for German, French, Spanish, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Czech.

We have opened up the game's data files for fans to translate if they so desire - this way we can support more than just those few languages we can afford to hire professionals for. If you are interested in helping us translate Defender's Quest to your native language, you can contact us..

That said, we're probably nearing the end of our translation work for DQI, thanks to everyone who helped!

I Have A Problem!

I have a technical problem running/installing the game!

Oh no! Please see the support page and we'll try to help!

I bought the game, but there's a problem with my order!

So sorry! Please see the support page and we'll fix it!

I bought the game on Kongregate, and lost my save!

Sorry about this! This happened to a small number of users and we have a special solution for it. Any Kongregate customers who lost their save file should email support at, and we will make it right.

We will provide you with a free coupon code for the download version of the game. You can also visit our Save Bank to find a save file close to where yours was. You can import this into the full version of the game. We respect both your time and your money and want to make sure we don't waste either.

We will try to respond ASAP, but we are a small team and have a lot of email, so please bear with us as we try to solve your problems.

I have some other problem with the game on Kongregate.

Oh no! Please see the support page and we'll try to help!

What Do I Get?

Will I get a Steam Key with my purchase?

Yes, you will receive a Steam Key along with your download links. All previous customers have been sent emails with Steam Keys as well - if you bought the game on this site and didn't get a Steam Key, check your spam folder. If you should have received a Steam Key and never got it, email us at and we'll look it up for you.

Can I install it on more than one computer / operating system?

Check our EULA for details, but in short, yes you can install multiple copies, and ONE purchase gives you access to ALL THREE OS's. The exceptions are you can't give (or sell) copies to your buddies, and if you run a gaming cafe or something like that you need multiple licenses, but otherwise feel free to install on multiple computers and operating systems.

Will I get free upgrades to new versions of the game?

You absolutely will. The game checks for new versions and then auto-updates. Paying customers are entitled to all future versions of the game.

What's the difference between the download version and Kongregate's?

You can buy a downloadable version of the game directly from our store or a web-only version on Kongregate. The basic features and gameplay content is the same in both (at least, if you unlock the full version on Kongregate).

The differences: the downloadable version has uncompressed graphics and audio, and has fullscreen and resolution switching support. The Kongregate version has compressed graphics and audio, and can only be played on

Both versions will be continually updated, thought not necessarily on the same day, so one might temporarily have a higher version number than the other.

We originally sold only the downloadable version, but created the Kongregate version because Kongregate fans specifically asked for that option.

I bought the Kongregate version, can I get the download version, too?

Sure you can! We are working on a solution to automate this, so that you will be able to get a DRM-Free downloadable copy of the game, with a secured download link available directly in the Kongregate version of the game. This should be ready in version 1.0.50+

I bought the Kongregate version, can I get a Steam key?

Unfortunately, no. For technical reasons, there is no feasible way for us to automatically distribute Steam Keys to kongregate players, so a DRM-Free downloadable copy is the best we can do.


How do I get news about Defender's Quest?

On the front page there's a field where you can enter your e-mail address and get our newsletter. Our lead developer Lars also posts newsletter content to his blog, Fortress of Doors.

Do you have a forum or wiki for Defender's Quest?

We have a blog and will soon have a forum and wiki. Go to the community page.

I've got some ideas and/or feedback about the design/balance/etc.

We'd love to hear it! Feel free to email us at or drop by our Forum and let us know.

How do I report a bug?

Email your bug report to Please put the word "BUG" in the subject line, and provide the following information in the body of the email:

  • Your operating system (ie, Windows XP, Mac OS Lion)
  • The game version # (title screen, lower right hand corner, ie, "v 0.8.1")
  • What you were doing before the bug happened. Ie, I started a new battle on the level "River Escape", on Normal difficulty, summoned Slak, placed him at the very bottom spot above azra, and selected the lightning spell.
  • What you were expecting to happen. Ie, I expected to see Slak appear at that location and then see the lightning spell become selected.
  • What happened instead. Ie, The user interface disappeared, the game froze, my computer exploded, and Slak jumped out of the wreckage and proceeded to eat all my pizza and drink all my beer.

  • Extra credit: Right after you experience a bug, exit the game, go to the save menu, export your save as a .dfq file and attach it to the email.
  • Extra credit: Take a screenshot using the "print screen" key, especially if the game shows an error crash page, and attach it to the email.
  • Extra EXTRA credit: If you're experiencing slowdown and know what a "memory leak" is, try playing around and seeing when and where memory use spikes, and which screens in the game are the worst culprits.