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Is this game safe for my kids?

Short answer: Probably!
Long answer: Keep Reading.


What's it rated?

ESRB               PEGI               GRAC
Fantasy Violence
Mild Language

Bad Language

This game was not specifically designed for children, but there's a lot of kids out there who love games, and depending on your values and the age of your children this game might be a good fit for them. Only you can decide what's best for your kids. To that end, here's some information to help you make your decision.

Game content

  • Requires decent reading skills (~10+ years)
  • Requires basic strategic thinking (~10+ years)
  • No sexual content (other than shirtless berserkers)
  • A somewhat gloomy setting and back-story
    • Monsters, plague, war, death, zombies, etc.
    • Might be scary for really young kids
  • Mild, cartoony fantasy violence
    • No gore, dismemberment, or other extreme violence
    • No realistic blood in battle sequences
    • Blood is sometimes depicted in cutscene sequences in an understated way
    • 99% of the enemies are non-human
    • Player never attacks "innocent" people
  • Brief alcohol references, however:
    • No on-screen consumption
    • No depictions of drunkeness
  • Magic and the supernatural
    • Main characters use magic.
    • Villains use magic.
    • Villains can raise the dead as zombies.
  • Mild language
    • The word "ass," twice.
    • The word "hell," about a dozen times.
  • Very bad puns

This game is a fast-paced epic fantasy about a rag-tag group of heroes trying to escape from a plague colony.

The backstory includes references (though not graphic depictions) of such serious topics as warfare and plague.

The story itself ranges from light-hearted, to bleak, to exciting, and includes themes of perseverence, terror, sacrifice, and redemption, sprinkled with humour and witty banter throughout.

If you let your kids watch The Lord of the Rings or pretty much anything on prime time television, then this game should have tamer content by most standards.

Try the Demo!

A simple bulleted list can't give you a realistic picture of what the game is like. The easiest way to find out is just to play our free, browser-based demo and see for yourself.

You don't even have to download or install anything! Just click below and play for a few minutes.

Made up your mind?