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Can you reset my download links?

Where's my Steam Key?

Enter the original email address you used to order Defender's Quest from. Your download links will be immediately sent to that address.

What if I can't remember which email I used?

Humble Store's support staff can look up your order manually. If you have some basic order information, such as the Order Reference number, your full name, etc, contact the folks at Humble and tell them you want them to look up your Defender's Quest order.

NOTE: For orders not originally made with the Humble Store widget, Humble's support staff can only look up information based on Email Address or Order Reference Number (format DEF######-####-#####). Your best bet is to provide as much information as you can (email, order number, full name, date of purchase, etc).

If you don't have either, you can always email us at and I can dive into my database. It does take us a lot longer to respond than Humble, FYI, so leave this option for emergencies or as a last resort.

What Happened to FastSpring? What's Humble Store?

Previously, we used a service called FastSpring to process customer orders, but now we're using the Humble Store, a service run by the same people behind the Humble Bundle. If you ordered the game directly from us via (as opposed to Steam, GOG, etc), we have switched your order to the new system.

Use the Humble Key Resender to get permanent access to your game downloads.

Why Did You Switch?

FastSpring's download links are temporary and eventually expire. Not only is that an insult to paying customers, we had to manually reset hundreds of download links, which was just a bad experience for everyone. Also, FastSpring couldn't retroactively issue Steam Keys to our original customers, so we had to send them in a giant email blast. Naturally, about 25% got caught in spam filters, and we still get emails from people who never got their keys.

Humble Store solves both of these problems. No matter when you bought Defender's Quest from this website, all of your download links and your redemption keys can be found on your own personal, permanent, order page.


I lost my save file!

Check out our bank of Save Files and see if you can find something that more or less matches where you were. If that doesn't help, email support.


Ordering Problems

I bought the game, but never got an email with my download links!

If you bought the game on, you will not receive an email. That version is browser-only, and should automatically unlock and immediately start working when you buy it. It does allow you to download DRM-free copies of the full version, however. The button for that is on the Save Slot screen.

If you bought the game from, did you get ANY emails from our store? Your first stop should be Humble Store's Support Staff, they can answer your questions much faster than we can. If that doesn't work, forward any order information you have to and we will investigate what's wrong.

I made a mistake on my order and paid the wrong amount!

If you somehow made a mistake in your order, contact Humble Store's Support Staff with the details. If that doesn't work, contact us at and we'll sort it out manually, and refund your purchase if necessary.

My download links aren't working!

That's a limitation of our old storefront software provider, FastSpring. Your download links expire after 6 download attempts or a fixed amount of time. We've transitioned all our customers over to Humble Store now, which doesn't have this problem. Use the Key Resender tool to get fresh, permanent, download links that never expire.

Technical problems

The installer won't run when I double click it.

Make sure you've downloaded the complete file. Check your e-mail, download the file again, and try once more.

That didn't work. There's still a problem.

You might be experiencing some trouble with Adobe AIR, the software platform the game is built on. First, go here and download a fresh copy. Then, try installing it and running the game again. If it still doesn't work, try rebooting your computer. If that doesn't work, uninstall Adobe AIR, install the new version you downloaded again, reboot, and then try the game installer.

Nope. Still not working.

If you're having problems with Adobe AIR, here are Adobe's help pages for each platform:


Note: As of Version 1.0.72, the Windows and Mac versions of Defender's Quest no longer require Adobe AIR to be installed.

At this point our advice will depend on your specific platform. See below for more.

Troubleshooting for Mac

Mac OS Version 10.5+

Most people using Mac OS Version 10.5+ have no problems installing the game, though one player running Mac OS Lion experienced a glitch with Adobe AIR. Here was his solution:

Download adobe air using firefox browser and keep the browser open during installation. Then, when launching and installing Defender's Quest, keep the firefox browser active, it can be minimized but must be actively open.

Mac OS Version 10.4

Some people using Mac OS Version 10.4 and below report some general difficulties running the game. We're looking into this and might have to compile a new version of the game to fix the issue. If you are running this version of Mac OS, please try the downloadable demo before buying the game. If it doesn't work, email us at and tell us what's going on. If you've already bought a copy, we will gladly refund your money if you cannot get the game to run. Eventually we hope to solve this issue so our customers on Mac OS Version 10.4 can enjoy the game.

Adobe Creative Suite

If you have Adobe Creative Suite installed, there's a known issue on Adobe's technical support page.

General problems

This page has some general troubleshooting tips for Adobe AIR on mac.

Troubleshooting for Linux

How do I install from the tar.gz file?

It's just an archive. Extract it to where you like on your computer and run the executable in the "bin" folder.

Note: As of Version 1.0.72, we have included an "easy installer" script with the tar.gz archive. Just decompress the tar.gz archive and execute "". This should handle all of the necessary depencies (including Adobe AIR) and has been tested successfully on multiple linux distributions.

Also, given low demand, we are no longer providing RPM packages. We recommend users of Fedora and similar distributions use the tar.gz archive instead.

Adobe AIR problems

This page has some general tips, and this is the troubleshooting page from Adobe.

Still stumped?

E-mail customer support at and tell them you've tried all the trouble-shooting tips and we'll try to help you. Again, if you absolutely can't get the game to run on your platform of choice, we will cheerfully refund your purchase. Hopefully we can address your problems and get you enjoying the game :)