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  I am 13 years of age or older*

*COPPA requires you to be at least 13 years old to buy the game.

Is it SAFE for my KIDS?

About Defender's Quest

Defender's Quest is a fun, fast-paced Tower Defense / RPG that cuts out the fluff.
Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Each purchase comes with a Steam key.

System requirements:

No special hardware or graphics card needed. Runs okay on old computers and runs great on modern ones.

Adobe AIR (included with Win/Mac installers, for Linux read this) Before purchasing, test one of the downloadable demos to make sure. See support page if you have any trouble

Mild Language

Bad Language


• DRM Free!
• Steam Key!
• Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux!
• Tower-defense style tactical battle system!
• Customizable characters!
• Story written by USDA certified English major! *
• Extreme challenges for Hardcore types!
• Casual challenges for Your Mom** and Dad!
• ~100 Uniquely designed battles over 34 maps!
• Doesn't waste your time!
• Endless challenge mode bonus!
• Multiple bullet points!

*The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not certify the freshness of domestically grown English Majors.
**The USDA has certified, however, that your mother is a classy lady. You should call her sometime, she misses you.

Things we didn't include:

  • 40+ hours of padding
  • Zillions of random battles
  • Pointless fetch quests
  • Whiny emo kids
  • Deliberate micro-management
  • Cumbersome menus six layers deep
  • $60 price tag
  • Always Online DRM
  • Threats to ban your Origin account if you ask for a refund
  • Aeris dying